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Recommendations for Churches

These are observations and recommendations from

our recent research project

Our research showed overwhelmingly that children’s workers and parents alike are feeling frustrated and exhausted by the demands of the pandemic.  Many have felt ill-equipped and at a loss to know how to minister amongst children and families amid all of the restrictions.  Some key things which are emerging as very important:

- Intentionally and deliberately listen to families for their needs (spiritual and otherwise!).

- Devise strategies for building relationships with children and families - this is challenging amid the restrictions but is crucial for maintaining a sense of belonging.

- Find ways to ensure that children have a voice and a part to play in church life, despite all that is going on.

- Find ways to equip and inspire adults to get involved in serving through children and family ministry.

Here are a few things that worked well when producing online content:

Establish clear aims and purpose and keep these at the forefront of your mind so that you make full use of each video, to enable the child to connect with God.
Keep it succinct.  10-15 minutes worked really well at holding the child’s attention.
Try not to over-fill your sessions with content, but also include some times of quiet space within each session.
Try to be yourself - Bouncing round the room to keep their interest, if that is what you usually do.  (Even though this many feel a bit strange if you are recording it on your own at home!) 

Be authentic so that the kids can see the real you!

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