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Please tell us your ideas and experiences!

Are you a parent/carer? Or a Grandparent? Or children’s worker/volunteer?

We would love you to join us in an online small group session to hear your experiences & opinions of supporting children’s faith during this pandemic.

Following the feedback from our first report (online children's provision during the first national lockdown), we are now in the final stages of producing a follow-up report. It will highlight the immense progress that churches have made during this pandemic so far, and also highlight some of the continuing challenges. We need 50 participants from a wide range of backgrounds and settings to tell us your thoughts and experience of ministry amongst children during this year.

The groups will be maximum 5 participants per session, to aid us in hearing from all participants. Everything you say will be treated confidentially and anonymously. Everyone’s input will be gathered together into an online report produced in early December—aimed at supporting and equipping Christian families and churches as the pandemic continues.

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