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Online Sunday Schools during Covid-19

Today I was interviewed on UCB radio about my recent research into how churches are filling the gap of 'Sunday Schools' whilst churches are closed.

Have a listen to the UCB live interview here (10mins):

UCB Current Affairs 10.06.20 (2)
Download ZIP • 9.74MB

I talked about the amazing response that churches have had, in swiftly getting their heads around this whole issue. In the research, I heard from so many children's workers who previously had absolutely no idea how to edit and upload videos, but have now become proficient. It is so heart-warming to see the huge efforts that so many have put into providing 'Sunday School' type activities online.

I also spoke briefly about the considerable pressures that are upon parents and families at the moment. In my research project, many churches expressed to me their frustration at not being able to help families very much amidst these pressures, and they certainly did not want to add to the burdens and stresses that parents were juggling. It is therefore challenging as church workers to know how best to encourage and support parents as they nurture their children's faith. There are some ideas for this in the recommendations of the report.

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