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Families, Faith and Covid-19 - UK survey

Families across the UK have been impacted by the pandemic in so many different ways...including their faith, beliefs and practices. And as the pandemic restrictions are once again easing and life is beginning to return to 'normal', churches are quickly realising that 'normal' has changed. Everything has changed. Things that worked well pre-pandemic do not necessarily work now. The needs and desires of families has changed. Ministry has changed. And ministry amongst families has sometimes now become quite an uncertain area...many churches are not sure how to most effectively meet the needs of families, in their church community and beyond. Patterns have shifted. Lifestyles have changed. And new habits have formed. For some families, church attendance is no longer a pivotal part of family life. For others, faith activity at home has become much more important. Yet others are desperate to get back to physical meeting of church as soon as they can.

So at this pivotal time, it is vitally important for churches to listen to families to find out what they need and want and how ministry may be most effective in this season. To help in this quest, seven Christian organisations have got together to carry out this survey across the UK Christian find out what's going on...what are people thinking, feeling and experiencing? And what do they need and want next? Please take the time to share your thoughts and experiences in this survey.

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