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Creating space for reflection

In our review of online "Sunday School" type sessions, only 7% provided space for quiet reflection. The remaining 93% of churches opted to fill ever second of their pre-recorded session with prayer, Bible teaching, worship and other discipleship activity. Whilst we've no objection to including all of these elements, it is also important to incorporate some space for stillness and reflection.

"Be still and know that I am God" - Psalm 46:10

It is really important that we model to children the importance of stillness in the midst of our crazy busy world....especially during these stressful pandemic times. You could provide some background music and encourage the children to sit and reflect on a particular image, Bible verse or relevant object. Or perhaps in the midst of prayer or worship, you could pause and encourage the children to sit quietly for a few minutes focussing on God.

The more we model this as part of our discipleship sessions, the more natural and normal this will feel for the children, and the more likely they are to do similar themselves as part of their daily lives.

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