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Christian Home Education

Over the past year, I've been increasingly involved in conversations with Christians who home educate, and have been fascinated to hear their rich stories and experiences but also saddened to sometimes hear about the challenges and frustrations which they often face. More recently, CHESS contacted me to highlight the need for some robust research into Christian home education, with particular connection to the Schools Bill.

As a Christian myself, who cares deeply about children's faith formation, and also strongly champions parents to be more involved in nurturing their child's faith in the home, I am keen to explore the area of Christian home education - what can the broader Christian community learn from those who home educate? How can this sector be best supported by the local church? How will the Schools Bill impact them? What are some of the challenges they are facing?....

We are together investigating experiences of Christians who home educate in the UK- we want to find out about your interactions with the LA, local church, and the wider Christian community, so that we can highlight any issues and provide information to these sectors about how support could be enhanced. We also want to hear your views about the Schools Bill, so that we can share the collective views of Christian home educators as part of the discussion surrounding the bill.

We are completely independent of the government, Local Authorities, churches etc. We really want to hear your voice and your experience...we are open-minded and non-judgmental. The survey will be completed anonymously and all questions are optional. The more responses we gather, the more weight these research findings will carry. So please do complete our online survey by midday on Monday 25th July. If you want any info, please contact Sarah at

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